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A memoir on Guruji on his 16th death anniversary

I remain constantly appreciative of the fact that how fortunate I am to have lived in the times of Guruji. On Guruji’s 16h year of passing, I reminisce one of my earliest dance tours abroad under my Guru, Madhavi Didi and Guruji (Kelu babu Sir). It was the autumn of 1999, and we were to go to Brazil for nearly a month long tour. I ,along with Piyali di and Arushi were rehearsing under the watchful eye of our Guru, Madhavi didi supported by a very good team of musicians in the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. Till the last week before leaving, I was not aware that Guruji was to join us for the tour, or perhaps I was little unmindful…since I was very young at that time, and in my formative years, where I was gaining experience as a travelling artist, I was more to myself and concentrated on the dance part only. Guruji joined us at the rehearsals in Delhi, 2 or 3 days before the trip. Madhavi didi conceptualised the programme as “Generations”, with Guruji spearheading the movement of Odissi,

Moumita Vaats (Ghosh) - "Dance" a meditative escape - Contributed to Times of India "Speaking Tree" page

  Moumita Vaats  (Ghosh) - "Dance" a meditative escape Indian classical dances as they are known to have made their journey from temples to performing spaces have uplifted the human soul profoundly towards self actualization. The world currently we live in, is engulfed with chaos, worries and turbulence of varied nature. The art of dance produces a positive shift for the practitioner allowing him to leave the mundane and enjoy the inner bliss emanating out of his daily Sadhana aimed towards surrendering to the almighty. Practicing dance for long hours or doing Riyaz propels a sense of immense satisfaction and connect one to the higher self and thus this interconnections with the core transports one to silence of another kind or in a state of raised awareness, while the body constantly moves with songs and syllables. But then when there is so much is going around a person’s day today activity and one is trying to meet dance in his current circumstances, one wonders, where does